Monday, November 23, 2009

WTVF:What Tamils need now is less Poitics & more Ecnomics! Everyone can get back to politics once our people find their feet!Until then we help them!

WTVF is going to organise Tamils who are willing,able to help Tamil IDPs/Refugees/Poor/Powerless/Voiceless people in this world!

It could be through financial,material,physical,mental/moral support!

We will find ideas,guidance,support from fellow humans/organisations!

If anyone is interested to join,please send your details:name,address,mobil,
email etc!and what kind of volunteer service you can offer:Help to build homes,Help with education,child care,elders care,day to day help,cooking,farming,transport,irrigation etc!
Local Newspapers,Websites can publicise,organise,coordinate WTVF in each districts/countries! Thank You All!!!